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Fast & Reliable Ironing Services

Based In Shepperton

Pressed for Time provides efficient and excellent ironing services for customers in Shepperton and surrounding areas. We provide free collection and delivery service with a 24-hour turnaround. Get in touch today.

Ironing Services


We offer one off and regular ironing service with free collection and delivery with a 24-hour turnaround time at a great price. You can be assured we will iron your clothing efficiently and properly, giving you a stress-free service.

It's simple! Just pop everything in a bag and all your laundry will be returned next day. Shirts, blouses, trousers will be individually hung, bagged, and labelled. T-shirts and bed linen will be folded and bagged up. We are ready and waiting to do all of your ironing.

Experience the luxury of free collection and delivery of your ironing.

Prices & Minimum Order

Minimum order £18 for 10lbs in weight, £1.80 For Every Additional 1LB

Commercial Ironing Welcome

Commercial, hotel and B&B enquiries are welcome. We offer a 24-hour turnaround as well as highly competitive rates, whether it is a regular or an on/off enquiry into our ironing service, it is always something we can handle.

Our FREE Ironing Collection Service

  • Chertsey

  • Ashford

  • Shepperton

  • Staines

  • Sunbury-on-Thames

  • Walton-on-Thames

  • Weybridge

For more information, contact Pressed for Time today.

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If you are looking for excellent Ironing Service in Shepperton, contact Pressed for Time on 01932 563934 or email us at

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